Bride’s Q + A with Ashleigh ♥

Ashleigh & Jonathan Ault

♥ Wedding Date - 21st October 2017
♥ Venue - Middlebie Church followed by The Cressfield Country Hotel

How did you meet your husband?

I met jake at my work Volvo Truck, Carlisle. He used to bring his wagon in for service/repair.  I always said I would never date a wagon driver, I never expected to end up marrying one. 

Tell us about your proposal?

Proposal was my first Mother’s Day, Rob told me that Ada had my present in her cot and I The proposal was in Cyprus, Jake had the ring made before we flew out, he didn’t ask my dad until we were out there though ha. We were playing cards on the balcony when he got down on one knee. 

What was your wedding dress experience like?

My wedding dress experience…. The first store I tried totally put me off looking for a wedding dress, I came away not wanting to try another store. The week after my mam  booked an appointment at Carols Bridal. I was so nervous about attending this appointment, however 10 minutes into the appointment my mind was completely changed and I was actually enjoying my experience. It was a lady called Sue that made this a lovely experience, she made me feel comfortable and did not make me feel bad about my size at all. I tried on numerous dresses, some were never going to fit me however Sue made sure I could still imagine what that dress would look like. 

How did you choose the ‘THE ONE’?

I tried on the dresses I picked out but none felt right! Lauren gave me one she picked, the From the start I imagined off the shoulder and lace all over – yet after trying almost every dress . I didn’t actually chose ‘the one’ until my second appointment. Although I tried this dress on at the first appointment, I needed to make sure it was the right decision. I’ll be honest I didn’t cry and neither did my mam so I thought this can’t be the one. However I couldn’t stop thinking about this dress and knew from there this was the dress I would be marrying Jake in. 

What did you love most about your dress?

I loved the way this dress made me feel, I’ve always wore clothes too big and tried to hide behind the clothes, but this dress didn’t make me feel like this. The lace top was my favourite part of the dress, this is what I liked before I even tried it on. I liked the way it sat on the shoulder area. 

Were you following a certain theme for your wedding?

We ended up following a woodland/countryside theme – lots of logs, evergreens and fairy

I liked the lace and hessian look, I had a marquee and wanted it too have it filled with fairy lights also. The table decor was done by I Do cumbria who went for the lace hessian vintage theme. I actually planned my wedding around the bridesmaid dresses. I drove past Carol’s bridal and fell in love with the dresses even before I tried my wedding dress on. I said to myself those will be my bridesmaid dresses. 

Did you walk down the aisle to a particular song?

I walked down the aisle to an organist playing the wedding march. I did want ACDC highway to hell coming out, however we weren’t allowed this with it being in a church. 

What was your most memorable moment of the day?

One of my most memorable moments of the day was Jake’s face when I reached the alter. As soppy as it sounds I’ll never forget the way he smiled. Another memorable moment was when my dad walked into the room wearing a kilt. It was a total surprise as he was so adamant he would not wear a kilt, no matter how many times I begged him too. 

Do you have any tips for future brides?

The biggest tip I would advise any bride is too just enjoy your day. Don’t worry about what ‘everyone else is thinking’ or ‘are they all enjoying themselves enough, this is your day you have planned for months if not years, it goes by so quick, enjoy every minute.